When you were young.

Flashbacks through others

Michael Freer


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I’ve just spent a week away with a family of four and it brought back so many memories. Happy and sad, but also that realisation of what a silly billy I was when I was a kid. Perhaps it’s time to apologise.

I make it sound like it was a random family, it wasn’t. I’ve known the dad since secondary school, his wife since university and their kids since they’ve existed. I see them once or twice every year, and see huge jumps in their progress and changes in their personality.

It was a week spent sunning, swimming, sandcastling, and consuming quite a few gyros, souvlaki and indulging in Greek Mythos (the beer, not the stories). At the same time, it was a time for reflection, of all those holidays I was fortunate to go on as a young one.

The war on sun cream

Their daughter absolutely loves putting on sun cream, or any lotion. She also wants to help you with yours, which helped one day when I needed some aftersun on my slightly red back.

Their son on the other hand hates it. We’re not quite sure of the reason, he said it hurts or it stings, but really, he was just being a little bit childish. As was I (we were kids after all).

My Dad didn’t want us to burn or age before our time, and I reckon had an egg timer hidden somewhere that would always go off right in the middle of the best game ever. Out we would have to get and impatiently have cream applied.

Later on in the day, he would demand that we put a t-shirt on, we’d spent too much time in the sun. Oh! How that would drown us and cause misery all around.

My friend is smart, his kids wear their t-shirt throughout the day even with suncream on. Bonus parenting points there.

Cultural horror

Since we were getting in the car each day and driving somewhere, we had already conditioned the children to a morning trip. This worked wonders on the day we decided to head into Corfu to stroll around and take in some culture.

Little did we know what we wanted to see was closed on a Tuesday, however through a few treats and wows, the kids seemed on board for less beach more culture.



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