Two islands

New Zealand — Silly poems for your backpack

Michael Freer
1 min readMar 20, 2023
Another stunning scene in NZ

I fell in love with a beauty.
Well two in fact,
They even knew each other well.

But it wasn’t to be,
My family wouldn’t approve,
A dream not even I could sell.

The first had a mix,
The rough with the smooth,
A bit more urban and street,

More shops and clubs,
Or drinks outside pubs,
But speckled with a path less beat.

The second more wild,
With the wind in her hair,
Just you and her for days.

A picnic in the park,
Or a stroll through the dark,
No more chatter, just silence and gaze.

I enjoyed both with equal glee,
Knowing all along, it was merely a summer fling,
And now a distant memory.

While I travel, I enjoy writing a bit of poetry, mostly silly stuff, but all to remember the fun I had.

I publish them all on Medium, so check out my other poems here.



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