Oops AI did it again.

Tales of the drone apocalypse

Michael Freer
4 min readApr 24, 2024
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I am a massive fan of ChatGPT and AI generally. I use it for text and graphics, my startup is looking at how to utilise it to solve a massive problem here in Croatia. But there are limits. So the following might in fact be a shock to you.

You see, when I use ChatGPT, I don’t then copy paste it somewhere. I use it to inspire when my fingers are achy and my brain is foggy. It can give me a prompt sometimes, especially for some repetitive jobs.

I even use to for mundane suggestions I used to use Google for, like recipes or things to do or health things. Like Google, I don’t take it as gospel, I use my brain and interpret what it’s telling me. I probe more and get a real answer and sometimes I even argue with it.

However it seems many aren’t doing this.


Let’s start with the big M, since we’re here.

I was full of glee when I got that email through (you got it too right?). Medium are cracking down on AI written content, and too right!

I was browsing through some profiles the other day, and thought “Wow” this writer is prolific, she writes 4 articles a day. Then I clicked to another profile. This guy was churning out about 20 stories a day, on different subjects.



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