On the road again

With memories of those we’ve lost

Michael Freer
2 min readFeb 8, 2023
The freshest air to help cleanse the mind.

Content warning: References to death and grief.

It’s Nepal this time. A seven year gap though, actually a bit more than that since I last went on an adventure.

Unfortunately this one couldn’t have come at a better time.

There have been a few testing moments already this year, but the most recent one drained me. We lost an impressive young man in the making.

At points I lost drive, will, hope and inspiration to continue with the youth club, with relationships and with trying to improve and change things for the better. Or what I believe the better is.

During those moments when I could actually focus, I started remembering those other testing times. Those other people I’d met who had died so young.

One of my sister’s close friends collapsed and never got up. A co-traveller in Argentina was knocked off her bike in Peru and passed away. A fellow volunteer in Cambodia couldn’t escape the currents at a beach. A hiker and LOTR fan fought off cancer once, but at one point could no longer.

I remember each of their smiles, for adventure, challenge and joy, in whatever form they could find.



Michael Freer

Social enterprise enthusiast, avid traveller and fiction writer. www.ensoco.co.uk