Kenya — Silly poems for your backpack

Michael Freer
1 min readMay 19, 2024

Peak at sunset is almost every hiker’s dream,
When those strides through the darkness,
Upwards on the final descent,
Finally elevate you no further.

I had witnessed this point from the bottom,
After a bike ride to see rhinos,
And a trip to the equator,
Whilst others kneeled and prayed.

Peak Lenana, not the highest one,
But the one I knew I could hike,
Without needing ropes or similar,
I’m not hands-on in that way.

The better mountain perhaps, Mount Kenya,
The ugly sister to Kilimanjaro,
Less visited, less dreamed about,
Serene, content yet wild.

So let’s end with another cliche,
On top of the mountain I smile,
But still agreeing that,
It’s the journey, not the destination.

While I travel, I enjoy writing a bit of poetry, mostly silly stuff, but all to remember the fun I had.

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