Nepal — Silly poems for your backpack

Michael Freer
1 min readFeb 25, 2023
Photo by Joe Ng on Unsplash

Just a few metres above sea level,
still with mountains in sight.
But without yaks and naks
and rarely a minus at night.

A bike ride on the flat
for coffee with a friend.
Instead of rocky, icy trails
that seem to go on, no end.

Back to sir, pršut and pickles
for my go to weeknight dinner.
No more bottomless rice and dal
which somehow made me thinner.

Now it’s the usual daily routine
that I’ve really made my own.
Because as much as I love to travel
I now look forward to come home.

While I travel, I enjoy writing a bit of poetry, mostly silly stuff, but all to remember the fun I had.

I recently completed the three peaks, three passes, Everest base camp trek — read more about that here and look out for my other poems!



Michael Freer

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