Hiking Mount Kenya — Naro Moru to Chogoria

Four days, three nights and an array of wonderful landscapes

Michael Freer
7 min readJan 21, 2024
The sunrise hike assisted with headtorches

After a superb time last year hiking the Three Peaks, Three Passes in Nepal I knew I wanted to go on another adventure in 2023.

At the end of that post I put out three suggestions of where to go next, and with a few nudges here and there, I decided on Kenya. This was because I had a couple of fellow social entrepreneurs I wanted to meet there, but also because I knew about Mount Kenya. Specifically Peak Lenana, a nontechnical hike which means no ropes or climbing, my kind of peak.

In fact during my trip to Nepal, Margaret (one of the group who completed the trip) suggested that I would much prefer Mount Kenya over Kilimanjaro for a few reasons:

It isn’t crowded

So I did this hike in order to summit for New Year’s Day 2024, this worked out as off season when it comes to travelling, especially somewhere like Kenya where many people might come to see the great migration.

However what also helps is the general lack of promotion of Mount Kenya. This accompanied with that…



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