Getting close to Everest — Three peaks, three passes

Reflections on the trip

Michael Freer
8 min readNov 29, 2022
Dawa and I at Renjo La pass, the final ascent.

It was all part of a plan in 2017, that after five years in Croatia I would take a month or two to venture out and decide what was next. Then Covid-19 delayed the adventure, and with this the trip evolved.

I decided I wanted a few weeks away from everything and everyone, somewhere stunning, remote and beyond. After toying with Tanzania or Kenya, Nepal was chosen. November is a good time for hiking here, and I had worked with some great Nepalese people during Covid.

I was the least prepared ever for travelling, I knew little about what I had signed up for due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, after a few days to rest and recoup, it’s time to reflect.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

The Fellowship

I only found out a week or so before that we would be a team of five undertaking the challenge. Just knowing their names sent my imagination all over the place, as I tried to guess who was who.

I was extremely wrong. The youngest group member was in her early twenties, and the other three all around retirement age. This group…



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