Election year.

But they’re all the same!

Michael Freer
4 min readMay 22, 2024
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Such a great phrase to abstain yourself from voting, one that on the surface may seem true especially when you’re in a truly two party state.

However, having heard this for the umpteenth time, I started to wonder what the same really means, and picked it apart.

Are our political parties really the same?

Made up of career politicians

One big pain point when it comes to politicians is they seem to be born and bred into that role. Without looking at statistics, most people feel like they had a one way ticket into their position in this club formerly known as a gentleman’s but now having extended the invite to include non white and not always with a penis.

Their way to try to overcome this is by staging something like eating a bacon butty or chomping on a slice of pizza. After all that’ll show you live in the real world!

Some people have been fooled, and have believed that x, y or z are closer to the commoner than the others in those houses, but ultimately the truth is they come from a skewed background that really isn’t representative of what the majority have to go through.

They’re simply out of touch, and on all sides to varying degrees.



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