Kenya — Silly poems for your backpack

Michael Freer
2 min readMay 5, 2024
Ready for the final ascent

Either two halves or a whole,
with a 1am start,
we chose the first and at night arrived here.

The last place, before our ascent,
The final push to the top,
When the land is far, and the sky is near.

Austrian Hut, and New Year’s Eve,
Four rooms, four beds,
Each with space for eight.

The hike here went fine,
The welcome was better,
I couldn’t have guessed at our fate.

The clock had struck 12,
But we went to sleep before,
I’d drank slightly too much tea.

I grabbed someone’s light,
Slipped out of the room,
Into the darkness outside for a pee.

I didn’t want to wander far,
It was cold and dark,
One, two, three, my sock was wet.

It was warm too, I knew,
Someone had the same idea,
Without shoes, but now with regret.



Michael Freer

Social enterprise enthusiast, avid traveller and fiction writer.