A question of subjectivity

Language is a living thing, as it changes with time, evolves, develops and in some cases, dies. We saw a shift away from voice communication to text communication, and it seems like things are going full circle again.

Phone calls are generally reserved for the few, and video calls have…

Because the cookie said I could write it

I can’t remember the last time I actually got a fortune cookie, however the message inside Peculiar Julia’s most recent one was thrust on me in our last sprint session.

As soon as she suggested it I felt a bit weird. Firstly there was the potential to be embarrassed about…

Hint: It’s not a tale of dog eat dog

We’ve all watched the Olympics. Let’s take the 100m for example. We’ve seen the competitors psyche themselves up beforehand, walking around and shaking their arms and legs.

Then we see them get themselves ready, slowly dipping into place before that starting gun is fired. They give it their all, hoping…

Michael Freer

Social enterprise enthusiast, avid traveller and fiction writer. www.ensoco.co.uk

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